has seen an increase in problems with Bluetooth drivers in the past several months. We will provide some step-by-step solutions soon.

Bluetooth Drivers

Bluetooth is a specification for radio-based wireless personal area networks. Bluetooth allows a way  to connect and exchange information between devices such as digital cameras, PCs, printers,  and mobile phones over a secure, unlicensed short-range radio frequency. One of the most common ways to see Bluetooth devices in action is witnessing a person walking down the street, talking, with a small device hooked on one ear, but without a cord leading to a cellular phone.

Bluetooth drivers can cause problems for some devices, so software drivers may have to be downloaded and updated from time to time.

Black USB stick

Older versions of Windows, prior to XP, require installing the Bluetooth adapter drivers yourself, however, Microsoft does not support this. Windows XP with service pack 2 and after that has native support for Bluetooth.

Microsoft’s own Bluetooth dongle drivers (packaged with their Bluetooth devices) do not have external drivers, so you must have at least Windows XP SP 2 for those Bluetooth dongles to work properly.

Vista Bluetooth drivers are in much better shape because Windows Vista has a built-in Bluetooth stack that is better than the Windows XP Bluetooth stack. I supports third-party driver development, permitting other companies to add support for additional Bluetooth Profiles.

Linux and Macintosh Bluetooth

Linux provides two different Bluetooth stacks, with the BlueZ stack being most ordinary. Then, Mac OS X has supported Bluetooth since version 10.2 which came out originally in 2002.

For support with your computer drivers concers, we recommend that you search a free, SAFE scan of your computer.

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