Universal Serial Buses are a category of hardware that permits the easy addition or connection of extra serial devices into your personal computer. In Windows, USB supports are built in the Windows Driver Model Specification, or WDM, to allow compatibility and support to later developments in USB drivers.

For installation of a USB device or computer peripherals, just plug the cord of said device into the USB port of your host system. Another device known as IEEE 1394 is a similar device, but the latest version of the USB works faster than the IEEE 1394. Though both the USB devices and the IEEE 1394 devices runs on same technologies, their connections cannot be used interchangeably. This incompatibility is primarily due to the differences in size of the ports.     Read more . . .

Drivers.biz says hardware crashes or destruction is not pleasant. But there are ways to recover almost all data. Here’s how to avoid getting overcharged for data recovery services.

Data recovery is important!

Computer data loss can cause severe financial hardship. To prevent such a fiscal crisis, many companies invest heavily in hard drive recovery products.

According to the 7th Annual ICSA Lab’s Virus Prevalence Survey in 2002, the average company spends a total of $100,000 to $1,000,000 of their IT funds per year for computer-oriented problems. Thus it stands to reason that Hard Drive Recovery tools and services are strongly needed in the computer industry. Read more . . .

Ready to update your drivers?

Drivers.biz knows this can be a painful procedure sometimes, but it is also a necessary one. So the following sections deal with the process for uploading new drivers to your computer system.

First, plan ahead. Have ready any CDs you might need, such as the operating system (e.g. Win98) or any CDs that came with new hardware such as a modem or a printer.

Some drivers are built into the operating system software itself, but others require to be loaded or installed separately–normally from a CD. Older DOS-based systems have drivers with a .SYS extension. Windows-based systems normally have drivers with the .DRV extension.

Set aside enough time for updating, as you don’t want to interrupt the steps. Stopping midway can potentially cause major problem to your system files. If the installation fails, or your changes make things worse, you can always uninstall after the procedure is finished. Read more . . .

It’s every computer user’s horrible nightmare.  You try to access your important data, only to find they’ve been accidentally corrupted, attacked, or deleted,  by a computer virus.

Hopefully,  this will not happen to you; but if it does, you can retrieve those lost data with free hard drive data recovery software.  These indispensable tools were designed and developed to help you recover your lost data and even repair failed hard drives, and they are available online absolutely for free.     Read more . . .

Screenshot of windows defender


You know you need security from spyware.  But what brand of protection should you get? There are numerous extremely helpful anti-spyware programs out there.  Take a peak at a few of them:

1. Windows Defender

Windows defender is an anti-spyware program you can use for free. It  protects your computer against slow performance, annoying pop-ups, and other threats brought about by spyware. With its “Real Time Protection,” Windows Defender can check and suggest actions that remove spyware. It even has a new interface that cuts down the interruption and makes user time more productive. Read more . . .