Web site security is a complex and perhaps even controversial topic. On one side, there are persons who regard themselves as the freedom fighters of the technology and information era; on the other side there are those who view this as a form of modern terrorism. Whatever the case and  without question,  breaking into a computer system without consent is a crime.

It is convention to use a protected connection when compiling sensitive data such as the personal information of a visitor of a Web site. The security levels of those secured connections currently in popular use are “none”, 40-bit, 56-bit, and 128-bit listed from lowest to highest level of page security. Read more . . .

Drivers.biz feels for you! When your scanner won’t function, your creativity or business suffers! Many people have troubles getting scanners to connect properly, lately needing Mustek scanner drivers and Canon (or Cannon) scanner drivers most often. Updating drivers can solve problems with new operating systems, or with hookups to printers.

Common Errors:

Link problems with USB scanners: (TWAIN error, Link or Hardware Fail, Error o00000000H, Scanner Not Found, Unknown System Device)

Parallel Printer Issues: (Printer Conflicts, Printers Fail, Printer Errors)

Parallel Port Mode Settings: (Parallel Link Error, 00000000H, Scanner Test Fail, ECP, EPP). To connect a scanner via the parallel port it is often necessary to change the “mode” the PC uses. Read more . . .

Drivers.biz feels for you! Lately, people have been having a lot of  troubles with certain brands. HP printer drivers (Hewlet Packard, or simply HP drivers), and Canon printer drivers (or, as some people call them, Cannon printer drivers!) have been suffering from a lot of mistakes.

Printer drivers are rather complex, and cause many problems, partly because they are poorly tested by manufacturers.

Common Errors

  • Solid black boxes are seen everywhere on the page
  • The final character on a line is not there
  • Nonsensical letterings are printed *~%^$#!
  • Grid lines are lost
  • A program crashes when printing, and Windows sends an error in a file ending with .DRV Read more . . .

Drivers.biz feels for you! When your video card won’t  function, you can’t see very well! Or, at the very least, you get poor  image quality on your monitor, and slow resolution of complex photos.  Video drivers control the display properties of your computer, by converting the output from the CPU to the correct display format on the monitor. Different parameters of the video display, such as colors, resolution, size, and refresh rate are all controlled by the driver.

Driver incompatibilities or problems can especially affect graphics-intensive software, such as Photoshop or computer games. Lately, we’ve been getting the most complaints about Trident video drivers, as well as ATI.

Today, video cards are like miniature computers within the bigger PC, even complete with their own memory processor. Driver support, including the creation of up-to-date drivers, with no bugs, is getting more critical for high end machines, so buy your video card based on the reputation for support from the manufacturer. Read more . . .

Hard drive outside the box


It’s four a.m.  You’re on your third half-caf and ready to prepare the final page to that greatly feared department budget proposal.  You’ve put it off for three weeks and the submission is tomorrow, but completion is just a page away.  However, without notice, your system locks up.  The page is frozen and the frightening blue screen emerges.  In desperation you try to reboot, but the system won’t respond.  Your hard work has vanished in a disastrous hard drive failure, never to be seen again. Read more . . .