Ready to update your drivers? knows this can be a painful procedure sometimes, but it is also a necessary one. So the following sections deal with the process for uploading new drivers to your computer system.

First, plan ahead. Have ready any CDs you might need, such as the operating system (e.g. Win98) or any CDs that came with new hardware such as a modem or a printer.

Some drivers are built into the operating system software itself, but others require to be loaded or installed separately–normally from a CD. Older DOS-based systems have drivers with a .SYS extension. Windows-based systems normally have drivers with the .DRV extension.

Set aside enough time for updating, as you don’t want to interrupt the steps. Stopping midway can potentially cause major problem to your system files. If the installation fails, or your changes make things worse, you can always uninstall after the procedure is finished. Read more . . .