CD drivers in storage knows your frustrations! Your CD drive is usually your main point of contact with software, so when it is on the fritz, you’ve to repair it fast. CDRW, for burning CDs, CD-ROM, and their counterparts using DVD discs are drives that are not as complex as other parts of your computer system, and updating your drivers will surely solve your problems.

If you have an internal IDE or SCSI CD-R or CD-RW drive, you may not actually need drivers at all. Internal drives are now supported natively (without any drivers required) by Windows, including Windows 98, 2000, ME, and XP.

If your CD or DVD burner or recorder is not recognized by Windows, even as a normal CD-ROM drive (read only), and not working properly for the reading of discs–then you may need a new driver. But if it can read the disc just fine, but you can’t write to it, then you may just have to install CD or DVD recording or burning software. It is not always included with your drive, so you will need to try burning software online, or buy it at a shop.

Windows XP includes an integrated recording application, but it is very basic and lacks the functions most users like.

Ordinary errors

• Windows does not recognize the drive
• Drive not accessible
• Non-functioning auto-run
• Unable to see a directory of the CD
• Error message “No ROM basic–system halted”
• Installing software fails or takes abnormally long
• Grinding or other scary sounds coming from the drive

Need a solution?

Who manufactured your  CDRW, CDROM, or DVD drive?

Make sure you know who built your DVD or CD drive by checking your Control Panel, and clicking on “System.” Then click the “Device Manager” tab, and look at the top of the list for “CDROM” If you click the plus sign (+) beside “CDROM” you will know your drive list.

But the most precise way to find out the manufacturer of your disc drive is to look on it for an FCC ID#. Then proceed to the FCC ID help site and enter the number in the proper field. This will show you the name of the manufacturer. Then go to the manufacturer’s site using the

Top  DVD and CD Manufacturers

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