At we know your pain, whether you call them device drivers, software drivers, hardware drivers, computer drivers, or simply the most disgusting things in the world! When they break down, your computer can stop functioning the way you need it to.

Here at the Computer Device Drivers Help Center, you will find  information, tips, advice,  and drivers for CDROMs & CDRWs, modems, printers, video cards, USB, scanners,  DVD burners & players,  cameras, sound cards, or any other computer peripherals. Whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux,  or any other system, we can help you solve your problems!

According to an article on Slate, Microsoft estimates that a big 70 per cent of all computer crashes involve faulty drivers!

What is a device driver?

Drivers are tiny software programs that act as go-betweens for your computer components. Your operating system, such as Windows 98 or Windows XP, needs to communicate with all of your hardware – even your mouse and keyboard. It needs to translate information so that those devices can behave accordingly. So the driver is like a bridge linking the OS and the peripherals.

Monitor with blue screen

Even some devices inside the computer case are known as hardware, such as a video graphics card, and need to be controlled by a driver. Generally, Windows can understand how to send a print command, but for specific models or brands of printers, it needs to communicate with it in different ways, so your printer cannot run without the proper driver. The program may send a rather generic command to the driver, which the driver helpfully converts into a more specialized command it sends to the printer, which can obey–and hopefully print your document correctly!

Do you need to update?

Device drivers perform hard, and can become corrupted. Sometimes, when you add new hardware, the system can deny to recognize it. Like a car, your drivers need ongoing maintenance and servicing, whether you need to fix damaged ones, or are simply upgrading to upgrade performance.

Upgrading drivers in an effort to upgrade performance should, however, be considered a secondary goal. Installing new ones is not without some risk, as occasionally people find that new drivers create more threats than they solve, and enhanced speed or performance is certainly not guaranteed.

How can help?

We’ve got some sections that will help you fix your problem. If you are planning to upgrade your software drivers yourself, then visit our  Step-by-Step Guide.

We currently have seven sections dedicated to the most common problem areas:

1. The first of these is all about modems (such as Lucent modem drivers), in our Modem Drivers section.

2. Another big problem area is in printers (for example HP printer drivers). For these, see section 2, Printer Drivers.

3. Scanner Drivers (such as Mustek scanner drivers) are dealt with in section 3.

4. Section 4 includes help for people having problems with Video Card Drivers (such as Nvidia, ATI, or Dell EDID).

5. CDRW Drivers(and DVD drivers) are covered in section 5.

6. Section 6 lists the Best Device Drivers Sites Sites on the Internet–just the most helpful ones.

7. Step-by-Step instructions for using free drivers to fix most hardware problems are in section 7.

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