It’s every computer user’s horrible nightmare.  You try to access your important data, only to find they’ve been accidentally corrupted, attacked, or deleted,  by a computer virus.

Hopefully,  this will not happen to you; but if it does, you can retrieve those lost data with free hard drive data recovery software.  These indispensable tools were designed and developed to help you recover your lost data and even repair failed hard drives, and they are available online absolutely for free.    

There are a lot  of hard drive data recovery software solutions available online:

VirtualLab Data Recovery Software v4.8.8

Hewlett Packard hard drive

You can be reunited with your lost file using VirtualLab Data Recovery Software v4.8.8. This free hard drive data recovery software employs artificial intelligence and connects to a powerful recovery server.  The artificial intelligence is capable of comparing your scenario to previous data recovery sessions.  VirtualLab Data Recovery Software v4.8.8 works with FAT 12, FAT 16, Fat 32, and NTFS file systems.  This powerful software can even find the disappearing file from Zip disks, Jaz disks,  and digital camera media, as well as from a computer hard drive.

PC Inspector File Recovery

It can be hard to retrieve lost files.  It all depends on how those data were lost or damaged.  Thanks to PC Inspector File Recovery, it can be possible to recover missing files. This free hard drive data recovery software was designed to recover lost data and locate partitions automatically, even if the boot sector of your machine has become deleted or damaged.  Another great capability of PC Inspector File Recovery is that it can recover lost file even when a file’s header entry is no longer available.   The software allows you to save the recovered files on network drives, and it is capable of retrieving information with the original time and date stamp.

WhoLockMe Explorer Extension v1.04 Beta

If you’re having troubles deleting a file, try using the WhoLockMe Explorer Extension v1.04 Beta.  According to some product reviews, this hard drive data recovery software has a handy Explorer extension that highlights the specific Windows process that has locked the file.  This software also works by killing the process of viruses with just a click, after which you can delete the tenacious and dangerous hanger-on.


Many programs can permanently delete data and recover them.  Restoration, another noteworthy hard drive data recovery software solution, can do that function for you.   Restoration can generally rescue your accidentally deleted files, and permanently delete those that you want gone for good.  What’s more, this solution can live on a floppy, so it leaves no marks of its activities.

These programs are free to use and will help in case you require hard drive data recovery.  Print this page and keep the list handy, because you never know when you might use it.

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